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Who we are...

Amy is an artist working in immersive and site specific theatre. Working with communities both nationally and internationally she develops visual ideas and narratives to create large-scale performative installations and costumes. Over the past 10 years Amy has worked on various shows and installations with Wildworks, Punchdrunk, Battersea Arts Centre, Block9 and Discover Children's Story Centre.


Amy Pitt 

WYCE has been operating in

The Gambia since 2001.Over the years,

what started as a single nursery class to support children’s learning and development has evolved and grown. We now provide education (in partnership with the Gambian Government) and a hot meal for more than 500 children each day, a primary health care clinic and emergency hospital transfer service, skills training and sustainable livelihoods for the local community. In The Gambia WYCE is run by Gambians, for Gambians. WYCE aim to offer a hand up, 

not just a hand out.

“The idea of Tallin Tallin started in 2005, working with WYCE. I noticed that schools and libraries had many generously donated books from Europe and America, but none of these have a solid rooting or understanding for the landscape and the people of the places they are located. In The Gambia, Gambians have very few books and illustrated documents of their own stories. Oral story telling is the traditional way of relaying rich narratives to the younger generation. As younger generations are not living with their extended families and TV and radio are being introduced this form of storytelling has become rare. 
As a child stories and poems were what sparked my imagination, they expanded my thoughts and creativity and encouraged me to explore and be curious. The landscapes I saw and read about in my stories were the same as those I would walk through on a Sunday afternoon with my family; I would run through and get lost in the same grasses and flowers that were depicted on the pages of my books.
In 2014 I started to collaborate with WYCE to make Tallin Tallin. I am delighted to be working with WYCE to make this important project happen.”  
Amy Pitt 

People are at the heart of this project, it wouldn't be possible without the 250 that have been a part of it so far, this number is growing, soon to hopefully be 70,000+. Below are some of the amazing faces of the project.